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10 hottest cities of Italy - See the World

10 hottest cities of Italy

Have you asked yourself 10 Italian cities should not be ignored, and to answer for his friend had scratching their heads. Now I was mulling done should like to share with all the experience of his own about 10 Italian cities follow:


Capital Torino of Duke Savoia today is considered the capital of cinema and of cars. Torino is also known for many firsts, such as museums biggest movie, museum Egypt the largest Italian (second in the world), elevator during the highest, squares widest Italy, etc.

The time of the most beautiful: All year round with four distinct seasons


Verona is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy has been a UNESCO World Heritage structure and urban architecture. It is known as the city of love where houses Juliet balcony and most famous in the world. It is also known by the outdoor theater famous Arena, which organizes performances of opera classics including Romeo & Juliet and Aida plays. Verona Juliet club also place collaborators write answers readers and fans.

Best moment: The whole year, especially on the occasion of Valentine San Valentino


Venezia ranked 6th among the most beautiful cities in the world. It is also the most searched cities Tuesday in Italy. Fish-shaped city of Venice located on the sea with boat canal gondola characterized by traditional, aristocratic palaces, lagoons and carnival colorful and emotional. Once the most romantic Italian city world of newly married couples in ancient times with the aspiration honeymoon on the Gondola.

Best time: Spring, summer and into the Carnevale festival


Ranked second in the three cities most visited in Italy, Rome is the center of culture, economy and politics of the boot-shaped country. To Rome you will see Roman history emerges from every corner. One for Rome as an outdoor museum with the Vatican, Foro Romano, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona Colosseo squares and enchanting.

Best time: no matter what the season


Florence is the cradle of the Renaissance culture convergence lot of monuments and works of art. It is home to the artists and the greatest poet of Italy: from Dante, Boccaccio to Petraca, from Michelangelo to Leonardo da Vinci. Because of that reason, it can be considered a major destination for cultural tourism Italy. When you come here, you can not miss the Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral, galleries busiest Galleria degli Uffizi Italy Piazzale Michelangelo or plaza where you can watch the sunset and the stunning beauty of the city.

Best time: Year round. June: San Giovanni holidays tutelary Patrono.


Siena is a city where its beauty exists on the roads and alleys old. Del Campo where Piazza Palio horse racing festival takes place yearly Palio is a good point to admire. Siena is not only famous but also the history of culinary tradition Toscana is appreciated worldwide. Try Pici pasta with duck sauce, pappardelle pasta with sauce or dish Ribollita Pinta vegetables eaten with bread or simply grab a sandwich and eat on the street Ciaccino.

Best time: Spring, Summer, the Palio horse race festival

Napoli (Campania)

People commented on how “To Naples and die” (Vedi Napoli e poi muori) to indicate the apparent oceanic beauty. This is also why it ranks fifth among the Italian city has had the most. Enchanting charms of Naples also clearly reflected in the personality and colorful fun of people here. Here you will be watching the long coastline, the volcano Vesuvio, the ruins of Pompei, folk music, but above all the most delicious pizza on Earth.

Best time: Spring, summer

Alberobello (Puglia)

A lovely city on the hill grows famous for typical houses known as Trulli. Every year a lot of tourists come here to get a taste of its unique looks. The birth of the ‘forced Trulli by landlords to farmers by forcing them to build to dry, so their home”easily destroyed.” So the farmers here have built houses of stone stacked. Trulli conical shape to a circular cylinder face white.

Best time: all year round, especially winter fairy

Lecce (Puglia)

Lecce poetry and art that it is simile like city “Lady Baroque”, as Florence of the South, such as South-East of Italy’s capital or central nervous system of the coastal Salento. Especially in recent years, Lecce became one of the favorite destinations of Italians and foreigners to Puglia. Delicious food, friendly people, scenic vistas Lecce are what brings tourists. Lecce travel destinations you should not overlook Piazza Chiesa di Santa Chiara Sant’Oronzo and.

Best time: all year round

SIRACUSA (Sicilia)

A Sicilian city surprisingly poetic, a candidate for European Capital of Culture. Architectural feature of the city is baroque style with dazzling beauty of Piazza Duomo Ortigia and the big time.

Best time: Spring and summer

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