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24 something unique in New Zealand - See the World

24 something unique in New Zealand

New Zealand was dubbed “heaven on Earth”, here is more special things made this country becomes the ideal destination of many tourists in the world.

1. The number of hours worked on the week in New Zealand at least world: 35h/week.

2. The New Zealand People have the habit of evening activities at home and usually goes to bed at 22 h.

3. They rarely leave the House after 20 h (8 pm).

4. Favorite sport in New Zealand is beautiful country, rugby, sailing beyond the rapids.

New Zealand is the country of your favorite people to your favorite adventure, Liao phưu explore. So, no surprise that it was the cradle produced adventure sports, Bungee jumping, especially this game is not for those who suffer from heart disease.

5. New Zealand education focus on personal growth, initiative, creativity. Therefore, the hours test, will never appear fraudulent student’s status.

A difference anymore, when alarm bells, all students immediately stops the pen though only a few letters is ending without a student would try to write more. The quoted comments of others without their consent, permit is considered plagiarism, stealing copyright. You and this very heavy crime will be terminated immediately.

College education for majors in science, academia… Usually last from three to four years, but for the basic trades apprenticeships have longer training time to make sure the school meets the requirements of the job.

6. New Zealand food diversity, abundance. The dishes have a mix between Asia and Europe. The city of Auckland has nearly 900 restaurants from China, Thailand… There is a type of restaurant that lets you carry drinks, open the cover charge song called “BYO.”

7. Map fast food not be favored in this country. The New Zealand people prefer meat over seafood. Their meals are usually at least four dishes of meat or fish, plus three vegetable dishes.

8. The eating is a trivial task for the people of Kiwi, however they breakfast very seriously. They relish a hearty breakfast prepared at home with the Lamb, dairy, potatoes, sweet potatoes, vegetables, fruit.

Go to breakfast in the Salon in New Zealand was considered extravagant, wasteful. But the last day of the week regardless of the young and old, girl, boy, they pulled together to come to a bar to have fun.

9. Types of New Zealand’s famous bread is white bread. This dish has a high nutritional value, long-term preservation song they are not good for children and pregnant women, they can cause disease but the breast in women.

10. The first product you are recommended to buy right when to New Zealand is a parachute. Because the weather here changes to dizziness, sudden and frequent rain.

11. The rainbow appears regularly, sometimes double Rainbow appeared.

12. Baldwin was considered the steepest street in the world is located in the suburbs of Dunedin, South of New Zealand. This road has a length of 350 m, the difference between the lowest-level is 70 m, the slope of the road is 38, 3 m.

13. The Avenue “9 July” is the world’s largest, wide boulevards with a length of 1 km, 110 m wide.

14. The Lombard is way steep medium medium zic zac for the world.

15. Galleria in New Zealand is the way as the shopping paradise has a unique glass dome. Galleria is a shopping paradise has a unique glass dome.

16. Dunedin was dubbed as the city of the arts.

17. Christ Church is considered a romantic, dreamy city rank in the world is located in the South near the Alps.

18. Auckland is famous with the name of “city of sails”, where the vast majority of people owning at least one sail for yourself.

19. In New Zealand, people easily interact with government officials, even as Ministers.

20. Caves Waitomo fireflies in the world’s most beautiful, was discovered in 1887 by a local chieftain named Tane Tinorau.

21. New Zealand has the beautiful village of Hobbiton, the main backdrop in the movie Lord of the rings.

22. Will you be watching these lovely animals in the sanctuary, and the eyes see Kiwi birds icon and the only living only in New Zealand?

23. New Zealand is “student paradise.” New Zealand is one of the countries that have quality education extremely with qualifications are recognised worldwide. So this will be extremely attractive to the students. Special study here you will feel very comfortable because the teachers are taught according to the motto “fit is just as you”. Time of admission will from February (late summer) and ended in November (last spring). In it, the holiday here will last from December to February.

24. New Zealand is located in the center of the world. New Zealand’s geographical location quite a privileged location, in the heart of the world. The aviation industry in this country is extremely developed. It is also one of the “fireplace” commercial pilot training in the world with the training and the test system are considered standard.