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Beautiful town Deauville Normandie France - See the World

Beautiful town Deauville Normandie France

Deauville is a coastal resort town of Normandie, known as Paris’s 21st district, as it is the closest beach to Paris. Every weekend, Parisians pull here to stay.

The Normandie Sea is generally beautiful, with fine white sand beaches stretching out, but because of the cold waters, most of the time is for a walk rather than a bath. However, if you visit Deauville on New Year’s Day, you will have the opportunity to participate in the traditional New Year’s sea bathing ceremony, starting from… eve, with an outdoor temperature of 1-6 poison.

Although it is a beach town, the most famous entertainment item to mention in Deauville is horse racing. The Deauville-La Tocques racecourse has been a place of entertainment for the elite of European aristocrats since the 19th century. It is the largest horse training center in Europe and the focus of the purest race horses. Known as the “Four Seasons Race Course”, the Deauville Racecourse is open year-round. The appeal of this aristocratic sport is not except for one person, from professional people to betting people or just going to see entertainment, and not deducting any age.

Trouville sur Mer or Trouville for short, is a town located right next to Deauville. If Miss Deauville has a beautiful… open-minded, gentle beauty that is not dazzling. Trouville carries the image of a fishing village rather than a town for visitors. The price of food here is also cheaper than Deauville and more options. Trouville is Marcel Proust’s creative inspiration in the book “Finding lost time”, a novel selected by Time magazine as one of the 10 best novels of all time.

Every year, in the summer, this is also the place for the American film week with the participation of many famous Hollywood artists. And everywhere in the town filled with English-speaking visitors. They are from England, USA, Canada. Many of them are descendants of soldiers who participated in the Normandie landings in the past and have permanently resided here. They went to Normandie for a vacation, and joined their relatives’ graves or visited the old battlefield.

Nowhere has a unique type of travel like this type of tourism in Normandie.