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Chamonix - beautiful town - See the World

Chamonix – beautiful town

Located between the 3 border Switzerland-France-Italy. Chamonix in the Haute Savoie region of France is famous by the Mont Blanc peak around the year snow white and also the roof of Europe.

Temporarily not talking to Mont Blanc. Chamonix lies gently just under the foot of the mountain with streams winding stretches according to the commune makes the look of the town really charming and diem rate.

Chamonix is surrounded bỏi high-ranges of the Alps make up 1 downright captivated by beauty from anywhere in town you see beautiful peaks and many other mountains in the range Alpls.

The weather also spoiled, wealthy girl here and exquisite as the commune of it, rain, Sun and at best at you to Chamonix in summer day you can feel spring down 4 fall winter in just 1 day.

In the early morning cold mountain’s car as the day set the East not too cold but gives you a fresh feeling and excitement. To noon deals forecast warming as are delivered to the spring flower beds stretching both towns as are passionate spring breeze.

You will immediately feel the summer heat in Europe not so oi Saudi here because being surrounded by mountains so very pleasant … Also when turn off the Sun as in the currency with the winds occasionally related to carry steam of the probably makes you feel very peaceful and. Although many tourists come here but still not too small Chamonix.. You still feel the relaxation and tranquility in town.

Must say nice and romantic Chamonix from every angle. with mixed architecture between ancient and modern, each corner here have made own favourite right from the first sight. From the wooden house with small door box full of colourful flowers to cafes, restaurants and outdoor wood chairs fill a lot of souvenirs created for Chamonix so special.

When coming here regardless of summer or winter you should take yourself to a thick enough coat to be felt in the days of season 4, add this town.

The same Thanhfaure we visit through the small screen.. If you go to France that are hesitant don’t know where is beautiful then this is the venue should check in once in a lifetime Chamonix Mont Blanc.