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Discover the beautiful old village of Yvoire - See the World

Discover the beautiful old village of Yvoire

Speaking of France, everyone immediately thought of the magnificent Paris. But “La France” doesn’t just have the legendary Eiffel Tower, splendid museums, and romantic cafes. France also has beautiful ancient villages. And Yvoire is the place you need to find.

Does Yvoire deserve the title of one of the most beautiful villages in France?

  1. Beautiful architecture:
  2. Picturesque scenery
  3.  The village roads are full of dreams
  4. A castle
  5. A delicious restaurant with beautiful view

Looking back from a distance, Yvoire looks more like a flower garden than a village, with a balcony and a window decorated with sparkling flower pots.

How to get to Yvoire

Just an hour away from Geneva, you should not miss this village if you are visiting Geneva. Alternatively, you can take a ferry to visit Yvoire. Pick up a ferry from Nyon port (buy tickets right at the port), about 15 minutes from Geneva by train.

It was raining all day, but my group definitely did not lie down, driving from Geneva to Yvoire. Unknowingly, that day was a great celebration of France, so Yvoire … ..hearted, the shop closed, only flared a few guests. Normally, the village is also quite crowded. Good, so I can enjoy the peacefulness of an ancient village. It was quite cold, the rain rained, I didn’t even bother to cover the umbrella or the raincoat. Camera in hand, wandering watching and taking pictures: so fun!

See what in Yvoire?

Yvoire has old stone houses built in the 14th century, preserved very carefully. The rain, the cloudy sky, made us feel like walking back to the past!

Church of St. Pancras: this is the main attraction in the village. The church has a very characteristic onion dome.

Garden of the Five Senses: that day the flower garden is closed. Too regretful hichic .. Heard, the garden has a variety of fragrant flowers, strange grass that can stimulate the 5 senses of the viewer: color, fragrance, hand touch flowers, timbre … All blend into an experience unforgettable.

Yvoire Castle Castle: the castle is over 700 years old, this was Yvoire’s guard fortress. Unfortunately, this place is not open to visitors.

What to eat in Yvoire?

“Restaurant du port” is the most famous here. Nice view, good food. Especially ice cream and plan cake. My friend stayed at Geneva when he ran down here just to eat ice cream and cake!