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Enchantment in Venice from above completely free - See the World

Enchantment in Venice from above completely free

You do not know about you, but with the feeling of being in a real position of high standing, looking down over the city below is an extremely interesting thing and looking forward to the experience in any city I’ve ever been to.

Venice is no exception, here you can find a lot of excellent location to see the city on high with multiple angles and different space, bring the novelty, excitement and make unique place here besides you stroll around the old town, weave into the Canal and came across a lot of different bridge.

However, to save costs and not spend too much time waiting (in the high season), the enchantment of Venice from the commercial center of Germany (Fondaco dei Tedeschi) completely free is a perfect choice.

The day before, it was used as a trading point of German traders, was derived from the year 1228, was rebuilt between 1505 to 1508, later destroyed in a fire. From the year 2016, a luxury shopping center was opened, and the terrace of the building is one of the points of the panoramic view of Venice from above.

The building is located near the Rialto Bridge, along the main channel of the Grand Canal.

Admission is free, but to not have to queue up or as the peak season you must make reservations before coming, as the number of visitors, the very Eastern but the number of people each turn up and time to visit the restricted (maximum 80 people, a maximum of 15 minutes turn).

Also, you know, Venice has come hundreds of Bell towers scattered everywhere on the island but only 3 Bell Tower is open to the visitors up. It has become one of the most ideal place to see Venice from above.

The Bell Tower in Piazza San Marco

This is definitely the most famous locations for panoramic views of Venice from above. Located right in the main square of San Marco should not have little hard to find and move to here. The current Bell Tower’s structure has had since 1912, this is an exact copy but it was rebuilt with more secure technique. With a height of 99m, the Bell Tower gives you a great view of the city as well as nearby islands such as San Giorgio Maggiore or Giudecca.

Time to visit:

  • 1-15 April
  • 9.00 am-5.30 pm (last admission 4.45 pm)
  • 16 April 16-30 September
  • 8.30 am-9.00 pm (last admission 8.45 pm)
  • 1-27 October
  • 9.30 am-6.00 pm (last admission 5.45 pm)
  • 28 October-31 March
  • 9.30 am-4.45 pm (last admission 4.30 pm)

How to move: You can take the vaporetto or walk to Piazza San Marco Bell Tower, located in the campus of the square.

The Bell Tower on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore (Campanile di San Giorgio Maggiore)

The Bell Tower was constructed in 1791, after the previous Tower collapsed in 1774. From a height of approximately 60 m, you can not only admire the Doge (Palazzo Ducale), the Basilica of San Marco (San Marco basilica), the Bell Tower in Piazza San Marco (San Marco Campanile) or tax points the previous day of Venice (Punta della Dogana) and more DD your IP address points in the Centre of Venice. In addition you can also look down is the Fondazione Giorgio Cini’s Borges garden and even the island of Giudecca.

Time to visit:

  • April-October: from 9 am to 7 pm
  • November-March: from 8:30 am to 6 pm.
  • Turn up the last Tower is 20 minutes before closing time (you can climb the Bell Tower by elevator).

How to move: You can move from San Marco (San Zaccaria) to San Giorgio by waterbus number 2 was only about 3 minutes.

Fee: 6e

The Bell Tower on the island of Torcelo

Time to visit:

  • April-October: from 10.30 am to 6 pm
  • November-March: from 10 am to 5 pm.

Weekly interest is finally before the advent of closing 30 minutes.

How to move: You can catch the waterbus number 12 in Ben Fondamente Nove and stopped at Torcello.

Fee: 5e