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Lake Balaton of Hungary - See the World

Lake Balaton of Hungary

Lake Balaton is referred to in the books as one of the natural treasures” of Hungary. Although not those who know the specific cultural values and the spirit of the famous this beautiful countryside.

No (although historically there have been three appearances of the Kingdom of Hungary are considered to be adjacent to the Ocean), but Hung is having many rivers, among them, the most famous is the Green River Danube (Duna) and the Lake Balaton, often called a “Lake” of Hungary.

Located approximately 100 kilometres of the capital Budapest to the Southwest, the Balaton is the largest lake of more than 1,200 large and small lakes in Hungary, but also is the widest area of the region of Central Europe.

The name Balaton today comes from the word “blato”, the old Slave, which means swamp. With an area of almost 600 km2, length 78 km, width from 1.3 to 12 h, 7 km, average depth 3-3, 6 m, the deepest point of 12.5 m, Balaton became the center of rest and recreation of water Hung from 18-19 century.

Every year, in the region of the Lake, an average of 2,000 hours of sunshine, the temperature in the summer the Lake is 25-27 degrees, causing the Balaton is also home of the resort and the bath, swimming is favored for the Central European region.

From decades ago, the Balaton and the vicinity is the resort of the most famous love marine paints, as well as tourist venues are the most popular foreign guests of the country, after the capital Budapest.

In here you can just relax, entertain, soak, bath or join eco-tours in the surrounding jungle to feel closer to nature, as well as, learn the historical, the culture, the traditional cultural values of peoples of Hungary.

In the region around the Lake, there are many open-air museum, the old mark and record date, as well as the citadels, churches, medieval monasteries, but the most famous is the monastery of Benedict (Beneditine) in Ho Chi Minh City Pannonhalma from 12th century , was put on the list of the world cultural heritage by UNESCO.

Many residents of the village, a preserved just like those hundreds of years ago, which makes visitors can learn life and living of people a few centuries in the framework of the cultural trips.

The score through a few very noticeable landmarks around the Lake Balaton is the “satellite” that you can’t ignore once to the break to visit in the region of the Lake.

Very significant is the ancient castle Festetics at the town of Keszthely near Balaton, was built in 1745 with all 100 rooms, fourth among the ancient castle in Hungary, once the residence of the noble wealthy famous Festetics in Hungary, the place attracts many foreign visitors.

Near Keszthely, have natural hot water Lake Hévíz, the largest in the region of East-Central Europe is very unpopular, mineral water in the Lake and mud lake bottom black layer has lower therapeutic and diseases related to the nervous system; healing effects of this lake water have been discovered since 1730.

(Need say more is across the country Hungary-especially some areas near Lake Balaton-has many lakes or hot springs, some of which contain available minerals. From thousands of years ago, the ancestors of Hungarian people have believed that a dip in the therapeutic mineral waters.

In particular, every kind of mineral water had curing properties in Hungary, a particular type of disease. For example, mineral water in Hajdúszoboszló-a town famous for “water”, the water park-has the effect of making the incisions heal. In addition, there are also types of mineral water for people having problems with lung disease, arthritis, etc.)

Rao step over the north shore of the Balaton, visitors to Balatonfüred, was awarded “the resort city of healing” first on Hungary, at the same time, because of the famous wine culture, also the title of “international city of grapes and wine.”

This important city of Balaton travel, not the landscape because there was a glamour, but also famous for evening Anna are held annually in the summer since the year 1825.

To Tihany, the narrowest place of the Lake Balaton and can take the ferry to the other side, beyond the garden of purple lavender fields on each summer without at least with yet had occasion to southern France, where shooting We are witnessing a historic meaning of religion and culture in particular.

It is an ancient monastery, built in 1055 with edict to allow construction of the monastery of King Andrew the first, oldest preserved text to now have some from Hungarian discrete. Themselves very important data about the history of literature this side still keep tai monastery in Ho Chi Minh City Pannonhalma.

Balaton is also a place where those who love fishing very popular, with the kind of pickerel, less than 1 weight-half, suitable for fries regional specialties Balaton, as well as written, have special status, used to cook fish soup, Hungarikum famous national spirit of Hungary.

Around Lake Balaton is the wine country, with vast vineyards and wine brands are famous in Hungary as Boglar or Kőröshegy.

Balaton is also known to travelers as the place to hold sports events River big country in summer, such as swimming across the lake, sailing, or those traveling thematic as learn rivers, culinary littoral zone, or go into the cellar learn how to wine.

No, fewer foreign tourists chose the very rustic and less expensive is the tenants of the local population, to get the opportunity to explore the lives of people in Hungary and culinary arts of Hungary directly through the hands cabinet supported by our friendly hosts.

History once again, in the decade 60-80 last century, decades before the reunification of Germany and Hungary was a socialist country, it is at the Lake Balaton, the people or the families of East and West Germany had the opportunity to meet and chatted, happy unhappy because the fate of the country divided.

So far, the German tourist population, mostly grandparents retired when down Balaton, still having flashbacks to that period as the date of their beauty. Periodic meetings in the summer still held, East – West met Happy Happy bag as ever…

Hope these lines may cause you, every time there is a holiday, can bag backpack up and go “backpacker” to rediscover a country concept is no longer strange, but actually still contained a lot of surprises for each of us!