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London through my perspective - See the World

London through my perspective

If you do not write an article about London is truly sorry for the lad. London season is beautiful, and vibrant, bustling well. But perhaps the busiest is on xmas and new year when everywhere rushes to greet fireworks was named one of the most beautiful places in the world. On this day the streets DC beautifully decorated so you can choose the occasion to visit. Summers if want to go out a lot, then go in May and early June 7.8 9. Cool temperatures, hot noon time but very long day, 10 at night every time and 3h sun began shining .

London’s famous Big Ben clock tower (now renamed Elizabeth Tower), Westminster Abbey, the London Eye (where fireworks New Year), it will be the area near Buckingham palace, squares trafagal square. Especially if you want considered guards and marching change memory check before nhé calendar but usually 10-11am. Each day will have a different support military band, you can check the calendar on the web is changing soldiers. Next is China Town with lots of delicious food. I like to eat fish cakes in the shop TAIYAKI barkery chinatown. Four Seasons famous roast duck, or on Burger & Lobster do the lobster. But eating alone at Burger & Lobster, because previously tasty and larger than the baby now or choose to eat in big xiu.Minh easy HAYMARKET area.

ou can also walk to many stores HAYMARKET restaurant and sip coffee. Chinatown is quite close to the main shopping district, road focused stores are a lot of well-known clothing brands Oxford Circus, Piccadilly Circus. Remember carefully pocketbook because this city is very crowded up loopholes vulnerable to pickpockets offline. You go out shopping all day if this takes longer immersed in Harrods or Selfridge.

Harry potter theater (scenes 1 and 2) and Warner Bros. studio tour is the place for Harry Potter fans. Besides, remember to type in the platform 9 3/4 scenes in London train station central station Kingcross- London offline.

Greenwich meridian to the hill where passing (timezone +0) and the University of Greenwich on the river Thames.

Special symbols London- London Tower Bridge, you can watch the tallest building The Shard. I love junk food lunch market mushroom pate borough food market and in the market. Special summer with delicious fruit juice.

Cathedral of St ‘Pauls and Millennium Bridge bridge quite nice. Besides ignoring the British Museum, the very charge (free entry). Exhibit of countless articles periods, dating, featured all over the world.

Camden Town area, next to the river drinking beer and stroll around the market camden, area lights as photographic shop in Turkey (Unique Home London Limited). Salsa delicious sushi bar lightens near the waterfront.

Soho nightlife also quite good and bustling with many bars, pubs. Really have too much where they went through but k can remember immediately. Some place or his business On the bab (multiple system solder), Tombo (matcha everyday wares), Bibimbap soho, Zone eat Vietnamese famous Kingsland rd nearby Overground Hoxton bars western or River Country (top shot cats) … in addition if more time can go hype park, Madame Tussauds, the london eye at the foot aquarium … July has lavender farm in Mayfield or Hitchin ahead.