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Normandie region located north of France! - See the World

Normandie region located north of France!

Celebration of 75 years of the bloody d-day, invite both few moment, headed for Normandy, where allied forces landed on 6/6/1944, in a campaign entitled “the battle for France”.

Normandie (or English is of Normandy), is a region located in Northern France, bordering the sea and the other side is the UK. From Calais, France on a clear day, can see the white stone embankment in Dover. Due to its geographical location, this is the land of many debt English country with charm. Throughout history, this is the land of … Spinach bean, when then, he returned to France. Duke of Normandie France invaded England and became King William I of England, set up all the air defense system, monarchy, rule system, religion, etc. According to the European continent.

The Normandy invasion was the invasion comes from England of the Allied forces, mainly British, American and Canadian in order to rescue the beautiful girl from French fascist brute guy. The bloody rescue has caused heavy losses for both sides, but from that of the war has changed and lead to the victory of the allies.

Impervious to escape that has 3/4 the century. These people brought memories of war’s most current too. Normandy today has changed the skin change the meat into a land covered with a green and peaceful with picturesque villages, the apple orchards, rice noodles and the cows are grazing dong thong. But the wonders of Mont Saint Michel or magical Etretat cliffs are still centrally with time. And traumatic memories as well as the Africa of war still was the annual flashbacks, Normandie on June 6/6.

Beautiful beaches which are not very crowded because the sea is cold, not suitable for the bath. Therefore, the amount of tourists here compared to the South of France is much less. But summers.

In many museums on d-day. Your doctor would like history and interest in World War II, you can visit several museums such as The Overlord, The Musee Airbone, Museum of Jun 44, d-day Omaha Museum.