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Normandy, the road of cider, calvados French style - See the World

Normandy, the road of cider, calvados French style

Once upon a time there in the past remember when watching a documentary about World War II. Brutal war, farmers in Normandy – the famous D-Day devastating, peach crates containing wine buried up to treat the soldiers return. His image is forever to pride in the memory. Later I knew the wine was barrel Calvados, a specialty that Northern France region are very proud.

French Calvados is called Calva. I had read somewhere this information is the name of the wine comes from the name of the ship Calvados Spain sank. I do not understand this information, but can not believe that. With a people always see themselves as the navel of the universe, borrowing the language is a bit odd.

Calvados is produced from raw apples, which is apples in Normandy, not somewhere else. There are about 20 types of apples are combined together to create taste this world famous Calvados. Calvados emerged as a star in the sky … the wine of the world since the 19th century, when a disease killed most of the vineyards. Since then Calvados throne.

Normandy but somewhat wet weather run somewhat, but offset by a picturesque landscape. Familiar images are cows grazing under the apple tree, the traditional house striped striped slash style Normandie, the baby’s cheek then or as two apples, and the castle forgotten. Having a specialty tourism in this region, such as La route du cidre (road cider), a circle of about 40 km, passing through the village of dreaming, the factory cider, the small castle from the Middle Ages, the town lovely and the gardens are meticulous care.

This road cider season went pretty well. Spring is filled with apple and bee butterfly flowers, autumn, then covered with a yellow, winter is pretty vague melancholy style. But the most favorable time to go is in the summer travel.

This summer has officially started yesterday as well. Physicians who want to try alcohol, or experience a practical tour slightly different than the check in famous places.