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Overview of public transport in Venice - See the World

Overview of public transport in Venice

Venice includes two main components:

  • The mainland (Mestre).
  • The main island (Venice is home to most of the attractions tourism.)
  • Beside it is the small islands around: Murano (island of glass), Burano (the island of colors), Lido and Torcello.

Vehicles operated by Actv (accounting for the majority of public transport in Venice).

Station/Bus: Used to move in inland areas and from the mainland to the island of Venice: Tickets respectively €1,5 / plays / 75 minutes, ie you can get off the bus at one point and then continue catching the bus/tram others go forward as long as 75 minutes from the time the ticket validated on the bus.

Shipbuilding: Outside of the main island of Venice, the only means of transportation is the water bus (Actv boat), also known as “vaporetto.” Tickets respectively €75 / plays / 75 minutes.

People Mover: Tram aerial connection between the main bus station and Tronchetto parking terminals.

If you move a lot and in many days, you can buy tickets the day Travelcard, this ticket can be used to take the bus, tram, bus water but does not apply to buses to the airport.

  • €20: 1 day (24 hours)
  • €30: 2 days (48 hours)
  • €40: 3 days (72 hours)
  • 60 €7 days

In addition, if you are between 14 and 29 years (remember to bring identification body to verify it.), you will have to add another option to save travel expenses in Venice:

ROLLING VENICE cARD (cost of buying the card is valid until 6e and 31/12 days of the year.), then you can be purchased discounted tickets and a few other benefits:

  • €22: 3 days (72 hours)
  • €6: move away tickets Marco Polo airport (instead of 8e as usual), but remember that only apply to firms Actv whiff.

This card you purchase at the Ticket Offices of Actv too (Venezia Unica Ticket points) or buy online.

Note: All times and dates on the ticket is not applicable for the airport bus, water-buses no. 16, 19, 21, Casinò and Alilaguna lines.

Vehicles operated by ATVO company operates bus shuttle from the main island to the airports: Marco Polo (VCE) and Treviso (TSF) vehicles operated by Alilaguna a company specializes in operating a ship to bring transfers from the main island to the airport (Marco Polo), or vice versa, and tourist destinations (Chioggia, Murano, Burano …).


Taxi Car: Transfer from the main island to the mainland and the airport (€40 from the main island to the airport)
taxi Shipbuilding: Transfer from the main island to the airport and other tourist destinations in and outside the island main. The maximum one time is 10. Price depending leg but a minimum of €40 for a short route.


Whether the ticket moves any kind, you also must VALIDATE by surfing tickets through automatic machine right on the car / before the water bus, it will report a green light and “beep” otherwise you will be charged if someone checks.

  • Validity of tickets starting from the first time validated.
  • Children under 6 years are free, from 6 years and older charged adult fares.
  • The bus then you have a new car waving to stop the car will not stop at all stations.