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Share experience about Greenland Iceland - See the World

Share experience about Greenland Iceland

A couple of things according to his perception of Iceland 1) conditioning 2) Wind 3) 4) 5) Beautiful expensive mystery 6) mighty nature.

Iceland is really very cold and winds. We went at the end of October is also the beginning of winter, is also expected to have aurorae but unfortunately is not yet met. But Iceland still occupies a place in his heart.

Iceland has a 3 day, and 4 day speakers also have people spend the whole week, 2 weeks to explore options to plan, each person’s pocket money. Himself spent 5 days 4 nights for this trip. Flights from the UK, was only £18/height of wowair (disbanded years lucky buy cheap tickets when the airline was dissolved.).

Keflavik right is the bridge between Europe and America should quite big and beautiful. Telling the truth is slightly funny bit is I didn’t go any place that Nice, clean restrooms. The airport of nice design again.

The main currency is the Icelandic Krona (ISK), there are also few places to accept the euro but you should change out the Krona to ride bus, as well as buy and sell classifieds.

Come play? First please check and book tickets for the blue lagoon before because the tickets will be purchased in advance via the website of the blue lagoon, beautiful games now pick for help. We do not know to book ahead, so there may not be on the idea that presented insist at a time they also sell tickets for flexibility on the spot (but may be due to luck, you should check before you come). You can move from the Center to the blue lagoon by shuttle bus 3.999 ISK.

Next do not drive the car for fear of slippery vs having not experienced much should we choose to go on tour. His tour is Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon selected Guided Tour from Reykjavik with Optional Boat Ride cost about £140 have included the boat around the island of ice Jokusarlon. you have to learn the tour on isango’s page. You can find the famous waterfall in the tour itinerary is Seljalandsfoss. Sorry for not visiting her be more skogafoss waterfall. You can note it in his journey. Jokulsarlon beautiful don’t go sorry lifetime.

Hallgrimskirkja Cathedral, excellent but the wind blown to new forever people taking photographs of the famous. Wind gust as the storm. Stroll around the city centre of raykjavik, shopping streets and enjoy the famous hot dog The Baejarins Beztu Pylsur where Bill Clinton before eating. A small hot dog cart where the corner but the right is not to be trivial. Savage always delicious.

We should buy airbnb rental home to eat because of spending in iceland is quite expensive. We can also refer to this place 2 Reykjavik 101 Street Food and Icelandic Street Food pretty cheap food. We also select the restaurant Grillmarkadurinn and Dill but book are full and only the slot 9pm-9.30 am. Should officers missed appointment a fine dining in iceland.

Grapes in iceland sells in supermarkets is super. Possibly due to the cold weather should result in that delicious, crispy than elsewhere or why but it is true that the grapes long cooking. Eating not always bored. We select the airbnb near the main bus station, right in the Centre of the capital Raykjavik to go back to.

Note: If you choose to take the bus the right amount to pay for tickets because they will not have the money to pay back, because you will drop into the fare box.