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Something about Turkey's visa - See the World

Something about Turkey’s visa

Traveling to Turkey is very attractive, it is more attractive if you have traveled to many European countries, this historical and cultural land is very much worth seeing both the wonderful nature, the rich history and the mixed culture of Asia. -Special colors.

Time to travel or visit to Turkey is short, 1-3 days only to Istanbul, longer then 3 more days for the beautiful Capadocia, longer to add a few more attractions.

Tourist visa to Turkey is quite difficult with very difficult procedures, sometimes even more complicated than obtaining a schengen visa. However, if you already have a schengen, UK, US and Ireland visa, you can apply for an e-visa in 15 minutes. Only on the condition that it flies to and from Turkey by regular airline (Turkish Airlines is the most convenient national carrier). This place has you said that an OECD visa (including Australia, Japan, Korea … is not correct.

Schedule: e-visa holders have the right to fly to Turkey on a regular basis when their schengen visa is still valid, and when they leave the country, they will be granted an e-visa 15, 30 days or even 6 months.

The best schedule is near the end of the schengen visa and return to Turkey, then you can play after you fly straight from Turkey. Anyone with a long-term schengen visa can go to Turkey from Greece very conveniently and cheaply, drop a few days and return to Greece or fly Italy.

The Turkish photo I illustrated below is taken from the photo gallery of my 2015 trip in Turkey 7 days.

Rural areas like Capadocia Tho hire motorbikes.

Impressive and want to go back to many points such as the Turkish Market of Istanbul, the bridge of Asia Europe Bosrophur, the Blue Church, the Valley of Love, the Valley of the Dove, the early morning air balloon.

The most interesting thing about Capadocia is that any hotel must have a new Cave letter with a tenant. It is true that it must be at the hotel in the cave, looking out at the very prairie prairie. Whoever needs to find out the hotel (affordable price) I can help, because not all hotels have beautiful views.