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Terrible heat spanning Europe - See the World

Terrible heat spanning Europe

Alerts immediately to your friends and your loved ones

that you’re traveling in Europe this time (late June) and both are in Europe you should also be noted.

Europeans are expected to live in the record heat wave. The summer nights will become hot and humid than in June when “old continent” hot air flow blowing from North Africa. According to the meteorological agency, extreme hot weather may also be accompanied by violent storms.

Government many localities have issued instructions to the people can protect themselves from harsh weather, while hospitals are located in a state ready to treat cases of dehydration, sunstroke and other symptoms related to the weather.

Agencies Germany Weather Service (DWD) on 23/6 inform the country about to undergo an unusual heat wave, in which the temperature in the area along the Rhine (Ranh) can break a record 40, 3 ° C set in 2015.

According to the DWD, average temperature base is forecast to rise to 34 degrees Celsius during the day 24/6 in many regions in Germany, and warming continued until the end of the 26th/6. Temperatures of about 30-38 degrees Celsius will remain until the end of next week, especially in central and southern Germany.

Weather will also dry for most of the regions of this country in the coming weeks, due to high atmospheric pressure led to the formation of small clouds.

Meanwhile, the agency’s Weather Spain AEMET issued on 23/6 Gold alarming situation inclement weather. According AEMET, temperatures in the country on the Iberian Peninsula will reach peaks of 40 ° C this weekend to maintain in the coming weeks, especially in the mainland, and even “can exceed 42 degrees” in the Northeast Ebro valley.

Agency meted the UK is particularly concerned that heat waves can trigger “the violent storms” and warned people in the country about the weather, “Hot, humid and unstable.”

The agency also forecast heavy rains and thunderstorms may occur in the UK on 24 and 25/6, while the temperature will reach its peak in the region of Central and South West England origin.

France Meteo France agency also issued a warning similar to the forecast temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius in many areas across the country, including the capital Paris. Local governments in the country have also implemented an action plan to ensure the health of children, the sick, the elderly and the homeless.

In Paris, the room cooling is opened inside public buildings, while adding many fountains temporarily erected, the park is open overnight and the homeless are granted free water… Earlier, intense heat wave lasted for 2 weeks at the 2003 Summer France made nearly 15,000 people were killed, of whom the majority are elderly.

The warning and countermeasures The same is done in Belgium, Switzerland, Netherlands … According to meteorologists, this intense heat wave again showed the impact of warm condition global gradually to planet Green and extreme weather patterns are likely to become more and more frequent.