" />Timisoara sacred land of the Kingdom of Hungary 1,000 years old, very beautiful! - See the World
Timisoara sacred land of the Kingdom of Hungary 1,000 years old, very beautiful! - See the World

Timisoara sacred land of the Kingdom of Hungary 1,000 years old, very beautiful!

Timisoara is the third largest city in Romania. With ancient architecture, Timisoara is one of the city referred to as “Little Vienna”. In 9/2016, Timisoara was voted as the “European Capital of Culture for 2021”. 1 fun fact that I found very interesting about this city, that is: Timisoara was the first city in Europe which streetlights are lit by electricity into on the day 11.12.1884.

I booked the room on booking.com. I put a mini apartment room types named Chic Studio Apartment, go lock the open. Lemon yellow room was pretty small, very comfortable and well equipped kitchen including cutlery pot dishes. The home is very nice, please. I’m ignoring a blind street address to find her smiling, it was found out to meet rùi. 1 night room rate is 140 lei (29.45 €). Rooms have refrigerators, but no drinking water, auto buying recommend throwing water bottles refrigerator nhé sir. There is also a courtyard for one smokes anymore sir.

Moving in the city

from where they’re at 10 minutes train ride from the center of the Square. This trains the old kind and the new kind. A clean but kind of old type, then do not have air conditioning, while the new lights look nice and decent conditioning. 0.3 € ticket price slightly. Also people can go Uber / Taxis are okie.

Peering tilt photography

I’m just here 1 day 1 night only so mostly I just walked around the church and Square photographed, not to visit some museums or other attractions. I only go to 3 places after thui sir.

– Take pictures of the Cathedral opposite the Square (The Orthodox Cathedral). Yesterday was Sunday so extremely Church of East Asia. Since the winter so you should also carefully map their own self-preservation, avoiding pickpockets abusing them offline.

– Union Square (Piata Unirii) and Victory Square (Piata Victoriei): from Cathedral walk through the line 1 is always to Victory Square. This so-Square 2 interconnecting it with one way all-decorated box above, any sunny day, but over the image, the absolute QT voi In Victory there Fish Fountain, the Opera House, with countless eateries and Cafe. QT Union is also the seat that people relax, watch the street performers.

Places to eat

– Craft Roof Top: This is one of the restaurant / cafe was recommend many to come here, because its seat overlooking Victory QT. Fairly large bar serving slightly longer wait, the wait was worth because of eating more beautiful shots, then wait one bit okay hihi.

– Restaurant Timisoreana: This restaurant is to be introduced at his taxi he drove me from the airport to the very heart 😍 Introduction decent people because this restaurant located between QT Victory, again both delicious and cheap. Because here from noon until evening so I ate two meals here at all. I called a few items behind, no need to worry about the price of
hams stewed beans: 31 lei (6:50 €).

Pork roast served with fried potatoes and salad (300g): 31 lei leg with duck served with red cabbage fried raisins: 29 lei (6:10 €). Also I see on TripAdvisor found here including 1 IAF Vietnam is pretty much review good Little Hanoi Bistro. You do have a chance to eat, then review.

Today we would take the bus from Timisoara to go Arad, 1 other beautiful city in Romania. Romance you again some day I will post further review.