" />Top 3 places on Earth should not come here! - See the World
Top 3 places on Earth should not come here! - See the World

Top 3 places on Earth should not come here!

Verkhoyansk, Siberia, Russia

Most people know that Siberia is cold, really cold. But there is a place in Siberia that is really, really cold, the town of Verhoyansk. three-thousand miles east of Moscow, it’s one of the coldest inhabited places on Earth with winter days hoovering between -60 and -40 degrees Farenheit with only 5 hours of sunlight. In pre-modern Russia, if you got into trouble and were lucky enough not to be sent to the gulags, this is where you were sent in internal exile. To make matters worse, in 2012 the town was attacked by a pack of 400 wolves.

Lake Kivu, Rwanda/Congo

Like it’s African cousin Lake Nyos, Lake Kivu is a disaster waiting to happen. This huge lake, on the border between Rwanda and Congo, has a huge deposit of over 2.3 trillion cubic feet of methan and 60 cubic miles of carbon dioxide hidden underneath it. There are over 2 million people living in the lake’s basin, all of whom are at risk of dying from a methane explosion, lake tsunami or carbon dioxide poisoning if the gasses escape to the surface. To make matters worse, the area is also in a volcanic zone, which could also release the gasses through siesmic tremmors. Ironically, the shores of Lake Kivu are a tourist destination for its beaches and fishing.

Dallol, Ethiopia

Bookending the coldest inhabited place on the planet is Dallol, Ethiopia, the hottest inhabited place on the planet, which is know as “the gateway to Hell”. Located in the Danakil Desert, Dallol can see temperatures reach 148 degrees Farenheit in the summer and an average of 94 degrees. The landscape here is volcanic with numerous salt flats and no infrastructure.