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Venice and the numbers - See the World

Venice and the numbers

Venice a small city but contain a fairly large number of the channel and the North Bridge. Moreover, the city is one of the many churches in the world.

So, together with me to learn about the numbers “divine” has made unique, distinctive of the city of Venice, romantic, lovely and worth to this once in a lifetime.

  • 116 Islands connected together by:
  • 423 bridges designed and made from different materials.
  • Four bridges across the main channel (Grand Canal):
  • Rialto.
  • Scalzi.
  • Accademia
  • Costituzione.
  • One bridge the connection between the land link with the main islands: the bridge to freedom (Liberty).
  • 177 canals, large and small is weave, winding, of which the largest is the main Canal and the Grand Canal.

Six is the number of the County of Venice, and the house number is private for each district from the beginning to the end.

  • Cannaregio: 6419
  • Castello: 6828
  • Dorsoduro: 3964
  • San Marco: 5562
  • San Polo: 3144
  • Santa Croce: 2359
  • 256 the public water wells and 2500 what belongs in private.
  • 142 water hoses get scattered around the island.
  • 128 is the number of churches in Venice