" />Visit the Erawan Museum in Bangkok - Thailand - See the World
Visit the Erawan Museum in Bangkok - Thailand - See the World

Visit the Erawan Museum in Bangkok – Thailand

Thailand trip 2019. Times come fourth but like the first time. Because all the discoveries are new and I have a very interesting trip.

This is the Erawan Museum. I always enjoy my experience with my eyes while traveling or visiting.

– The special thing when I recall this tour is that I sincerely respectfully received 1 good tattoo here. While foreigners (a group of Russians) also ask for tattooing, but they do improperly, they wear short skirts and sit cross-legged for tattooing, they don’t know how to shock the tattoo… That makes me pretty impressed by not understanding why they let themselves so indifferent to what is sacred. Of course this is not their religion. But if there were people standing there or making a board, everyone could follow it properly and keep the seriousness necessary.

– Entering the museum, you will see the most special thing they say about Erawan. A huge 3-headed Elephant statue weighing 250 tons, cast in pure copper, is placed on the tip of a house. It was said that it took 10 years for them to complete this project.

– I stopped by a museum of ancient Siamese Kingdom storage and display museum, here is quite small, going round one is all. Only this basement has air conditioning so it is extremely cool and comfortable compared to the hot weather near 40 degrees out there. So there won’t be anything worth telling me here.

– The most special is probably the Main Area that represents Mount Meru, the paradise of Buddhism. The architecture here is truly amazing. Meticulously every design is as fantastically beautiful as the photos I took here.
Take the stairway, climb to the top floor of the Erawan Museum, which is the place of the gods. I can take pictures anywhere at Erawan- except for this top floor. When I set foot on this floor, I felt more clear about the sacredness of the Buddha. Everyone knelt and bowed or solemnly visited 8 surrounding Buddha statues. I placed the merit and kneeled and bowed before the Buddha and the spirit here.

For me. It was a great experience.

– There is one more interesting thing, is that Chinese hot girls come here to checkin’ a lot. Take a lot of photos. Even though the staff (or volunteers) working at this museum always reminded of the Chinese tourists’ revealing clothes, the girls still stood in the middle of the palace blatantly dropping their towels to open their shoulders. Ceiling shaping?! I don’t quite understand these actions. In order to take a photo, they lost all their time and went back to see that they were still revising their shape.

I see a lot of beautiful Chinese and Korean girls here. You wear as you go to the event. Really beautiful. It’s just not suitable for this holy place.

Because I come to so many beautiful, interesting points, it takes time to remember and write.

How to get to the Erawan Museum and the notes:

  1. Go to Siam Center, take a train by BTS to the Station.
  2. Get off at the station, catch a taxi very easily, stand by the roadside bus or book a grap to the Erawan spot.
  3. Opening hours from 9h – 19h.
  4. Remember to bring small boxes, hats, sunscreen spray, mineral water. Because the weather is very sunny.
  5. Can add merit to the boxes as a thank you and cherish.